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Terms and Condition


There are two ways to earn tickets to dig the Lucky diamond vault. You can earn a ticket by bringing in Sports FTD, and achieving the required Sports Gross Profit. The greater the number of tickets you have, the more prizes you can receive.

1. Earn a Ticket for every 5 new Sports players that you bring during the IPL Campaign. A maximum of 10 tickets can be earned.

Sports FTD is a new player who makes his first deposit and has a minimum of 10,000 turnovers on any sports products during the promotion period.

2. Earn a Ticket for every 100,000 sports gross profit generated from your existing or new players. A maximum of 10 tickets can be earned.

Affiliate :
New Sports Players: 26. Tickets Earned = 26/5 = 5
Total Sports Gross Profit: 1,200,000. Tickets Earned = 1,200,000 / 100,000 = 10 (maximum of 10 Tickets)
Total Tickets Earned = 5 + 10 = 15
An affiliate can earn a maximum of 20 Tickets from this promotion.

3. Login and DIG THE DIAMOND to win great cash prizes at the end of the IPL Campaign.
Use your Ticket and stand a chance to open up the prize pool when the IPL 2024 season ends. A link to the DIG THE DIAMOND system will be posted on June 1 on the webpage and also in our affiliate channels for qualified affiliates to access and start playing the game.
Affiliate may log in using their affiliate username and the last 4 digits of their registered phone number. The number of availableTickets will be shown in the system upon login.
Qualified affiliates have equal chances to hit the grand prize of 1,000,000 BDT! Get a better chance to win more prizes when you accumulate more Tickets!


Prize AmountPrize PoolTotal



Compete to Win Big: Climb the ranks and claim your spot at the peak of our leaderboard. The top performers will be rewarded with exciting Gadgets!
Ranking is based on the Total NET PROFIT during the whole period of IPL 2024 season. Rewards will be based according to the rankings.

Note: The leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis. Leaderboard will start to update on the 30th of March.

Total Net Profit RankingPrizesQuantityPrice (Per Unit )Brand
Top 1Yamaha R15 V31500,000Yamaha
Top 2 – 3iphone 15 pro max 256GB2160,000apple
Top 4-6Laptop390,000Lenevo IdeaPad 5i
Top 7-10Television 43inch450,000Samsung
   Total:৳ 1290000


Terms and Condition

  1. Promotion is available from 1st of March 2024 until 29th of May 2024.
  2. This promotion is available for all MCW BDT Affiliates.
  3. Affiliate must join to our Official Affiliate Telegram channel to be eligible.
  4. Affiliates need to log in to the system between June 1, 2024, to June 5, 2024, to claim their Tickets. If it is not claimed within the given time period, affiliates are considered to give up their Tickets.
  5. An affiliate can win multiple prizes from the available prize pool. Each Ticket is guaranteed to earn minimum of 100 BDT.
  6. Click Here to see the number of tickets you earned. Please note that Sports gross tickets may change if your players are losing or winning their bets.
  7. Tickets will be updated Every Friday,on or before 12 noon.
  8. Cash Prizes will be paid directly to the affiliate’s player account. Affiliates will receive the Prize on the 7th of june
  9. Gadget prizes will be sent to the affiliate within 20 days.
  10. To qualify for the MCW Affiliate Top Rankings, affiliate must have a minimum of five active players.
  11. This promotion is based on a first-come-first-served basis. The outcome is completely random so all qualified affiliates have equal chances to win a prize from the prize pool. You have a better chances if you accumulated more Tickets
  12. Prizes from the pool will be removed from the system if an affiliate has already won the prize. For example: if an affiliate already won the 1,000,000 BDT grand prize, it will not be available in the prize pool anymore.
  13. The cash prize has no wagering requirement. Bonuses will be credited on the 7th of June to their linked player account and the winner list will be published on the same date.

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